Carbon Footprints Offset and Global Clean Certification

The Carbon Exchange Trade is technology-backed platform to participate in the cleaning the world of carbon pollution. The platform will facilitate the recognition of projects, organizations that contribute to this effort in line with the 2015 Paris Agreement for post-2020 low-carbon development. Carbon and other GHG emissions are caused by power generators running on fossil fuels (gasoline, diesel and kerosene). Other sources of pollution include wood and biomass.

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Fossil fuels

For every organizations/companies, individuals and governments and cities using any of the dirty fuels to generate electricity, the United Nations is ready to acknowledge your effort to reduce global emission when you trade-off your emissions at a small fee or adopting/funding a clean energy project.

The Carbon Exchange Trade is the platform that ensures that your carbon emissions are captured and traded for clean certification.


Clean Projects

Clean or renewable energy project when committed to the Exchange will receive carbon rebates (payment compensation) for such clean technologies from the Carbon Fund. The project will be certified and paid an annually an amount equivalent to 5% of initial cost of project at establishment.


The Exchange enables entrepreneurs and project developers to bring projects to the Exchange as emission brokers.


Every business, organization or individual generating power for home, industrial and transportation uses through the use of dirty fuels such as coal, wood/charcoal, kerosene, fuel, diesel, etc, can offset their carbon pollution generated in the process by adopting clean energy projects. The adoption process is the payment of price on their carbon pollution which covers the cost of their pollution.

Such entities will receive a globally accepted Certificate of Carbon Emission Reduction (CCER) which is a global recognition for their contribution in:

a. Carbon Emission reduction to achieve a cleaner, fresher environment
b. Employment generation
c. Achievement of the United Nations 2015 Paris Agreement to clean up the Earth by keeping global temperatures below 1.5 ͦ C
d. Participation in achieving the overall United Nations Sustainable Development Goals by 2030.

Offset /Adoption Mechanism

Other Benefits of Emission Offset

a. Attraction of Global green capital, including venture capital and insurance
b. Certificate of Carbon Emission
c. Company and products recognition and endorsement as Environment friendly
d. Use of the Carbon Exchange Trade’s endorsement logo: Green+ We Pay for Carbon symbol


a. Baseline determination of energy conversion or use by organization per period and a conversion to CO2 emission generation.
b. Categorization of Emission status.
c. Confirmation of Category and Schedule for payment
d. Emission Pricing/ Payment Schedule per committed project
1000 Metric Tonnes of CO2-e @ N500 ($2) per tonne = N500, 000.00 ($250) only per year.

Benefits of receiving the CER (Certificate of Emission Reduction)

1. Global Responsible Citizen status and qualification for UN-certified carbon credits/rebates
2. Use of the Carbon Exchange Trade’s endorsement logos: Green Company and We Pay for Carbon that differentiates climate responsible organizations from the rest on brand labels, offices and products.
3. Engagement and participation at relevant global (international) Climate Change conferences
4. Attraction of investments from global ‘green’ venture capitalists and insurance
5. Contribution to employment generation in Nigeria
6. Knowledge of your level of carbon emission by using the carbon calculator
7. Payment of a token to receive a Certificate of Emission Reduction that will invite you to global discourses on Climate Change and confirm your contribution to renewable energy build up
8. Access to global Carbon Fund for projects capital


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